I know that taking photos can be stressful.  Some people just dislike being in front of the camera.  My goal is to give my clients an enjoyable and fun experience by taking the stress away.  Lets make this a fun experience for everyone.  

My family and maternity sessions will be taken outside in one of Coeur d'Alene's many beautiful locations.  

My newborn sessions will be taken in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  


Family Sessions- $299

The session will include all immediate family members.  It will be about an hour long in one of the many spots CDA has to offer.  You will receive all right to your pictures in both color and black and white, (minimum of 70) which will be accessed by a private gallery.  

Maternity and Newborn package- $499

Only when booked together


Maternity Session- $299

Session will include the beautiful mother to be, siblings and significant other.  You choose a beautiful outdoor setting, or a private session in your home.  Maternity sessions last about an hour.  All color and black and white photos are yours, and will be accessed by a personal gallery.  


Newborn Session- $299

All newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your home.  All immediate members of the family will be apart of this special time.  The session will be up to two hours.  All images will be available in a private gallery in both color and black and white.  


Fresh 48- $249

Child birth is exhausting, the saddest part is you don't remember so many of those first moments you have with your new little bundle of joy.  These very special sessions allow you to freeze these moments in time.  All these sessions are done in hospital in the first 48 hours of the baby being born.  This very intimate session will include our beautiful mother, siblings of the baby, and significant other.  (min of 40)